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Commercial & Industrial Drain Cleaning Services

Sewers and Drains


By undertaking regular maintenance of your stormwater, sewers, and drain networks, we can address and fix small problems before they become complex issues requiring serious intervention, excavation, and rebuilding or replacement of assets. We can provide clients with a range of maintenance options to address:

  • The prevention of flooding to property and roads from partially or completely choked sewer networks
  • The prevention of environmental contamination or damage from sewer overflows
  • The prevention of flooding to houses and roads from partially or completely choked stormwater networks
  • The prevention of environmental contamination of creeks, ponds, rivers, lakes and waterways
  • Assistance in maximising the life of assets.

We provide solutions to unique problems

We have specialised knowledge, experience and the right equipment to solve challenging problems for our clients, such as:

  • Root cutting of pipelines
  • Concrete cutting of pipelines
  • Desilting of pipelines and culverts
  • Removal of large debris out of pipelines
  • Removal of large quantities of debris from pipelines
  • Removal of encrustation in pipelines
  • Removal of fat build-up in sewer pipelines


Through regular inspection and maintenance, our system services, if used properly, can prevent pipes being broken, root penetration of pipe work and seals, as well as removal of solids, debris and other deposits that can cause serious problems. The aim of prevention is to reduce costs to the client and avoid expensive civil works. We encourage our clients to be proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to maintenance.

Inspection and Reporting

Flexible Australia provide clients with inspection and reporting services of assets such as:

  • Dams and Weirs
  • Lined and unlined channels
  • Cut off drains
  • Headwalls and outflows
  • Floodways
  • Retarding basins

CCTV Surveying

We use a sophisticated closed circuit television (CCTV) surveying system to monitor the condition of, or check for blockage and deterioration in underground or otherwise inaccessible assets. Our CCTV system is used for:

  • Pipe surveying
  • Culvert surveying
  • Tank and chamber surveying

Our CCTV equipment can determine the condition of your assets and the effects of many occurrences, such as root intrusions or gas corrosion on ceramic sewer mains, and concrete or cast iron pipelines. Our skilled operators record the footage and produce a report from the CCTV survey to enable performance monitoring of the pipework, and the efficient development of cost-saving plans to maximise the life of these expensive assets.

The captured data from this innovative technology is used to advise and assist our clients to plan their cleaning schedules and future maintenance efficiently, which heavily reduces failures within the network.

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Civil Works

Flexible has the experience and capacity to provide clients with all aspects of civil works associated with stormwater systems. From the initial site preparation and site excavation, including any specialised hydro excavation of sensitive sites and services, through to the completion of major earthworks or construction and installation of stormwater structures and assets. We also carry out site restoration and landscaping at the completion of the project.

In addition, we provide clients with advice for solving a range of problems related to placement, type and construction of assets and structures associated with stormwater systems. Our team of experienced staff can meet all of your civil works requirements.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Location of underground services and assets
  • Site preparation, including vegetation removal and tree protection
  • Trenching services, as required
  • Location and excavation of pipes and structures
  • Repair and replacement of pipes
  • Repair and replacement of many different types of structures
  • Restoration and construction of channels
  • Restoration and construction of cut off drains
  • Construction of earthwork structures
  • Backfilling and compaction
  • Site restorations and remedial landscaping once work is completed

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Hydro Excavation / Non-Destructive Digging – a safer option to digging

Our specialised hydro excavation equipment uses high-pressure water jets to safely and efficiently remove and break up material, which allows the high volume vacuum pump to vacuum up the material with the water.

Easy excavation of services

The hydro excavation or non-destructive digging services are ideal for any situation where excavation is required. It is especially useful where access is a problem, or where there are underground services, such as electricity, gas, or fibre optic cabling. Our clients have used our excavation services to:

  • Locate or excavate stormwater main breaks
  • Locate or excavate water main breaks
  • Locate or excavate sewer main breaks
  • Locate or excavate underground services
  • Provide access for water meter connection

Flexible’s equipment is perfectly suited for service locations. The high-pressure water will not affect or cause any damage to the existing services, and the size of the excavation can be limited, saving time and money.

Benefits of hydro excavation

Flexible’s hydro excavation process provides a range of benefits over other methods:

  • Reduced safety risks
  • Reduced workers compensation claims
  • Reduced environmental risks
  • Dust suppression and noise reduction
  • Selective removal of material from the required areas
  • Creation of a specific size hole or trench
  • Safer, more cost-effective service location
  • Protection of the integrity of assets and services during excavation
  • Avoids damage that would otherwise occur during excavation
  • Faster material removal over other mechanical methods
  • Reduced costs associated with back filling excavation
  • Reduced costs over other methods.

Peace of mind

The reduced risk with hydro vacuum excavation provides an alternative method to mechanical or hand excavation. This means less damage to surrounding materials, reduced noise pollution, and reduced disturbance to neighbouring surroundings. The increased safety levels give operators and clients added peace of mind, as well as increased productivity and efficiency.

Do you have a tricky excavation or want to find out more information? Contact us today for more information.

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Vacuum Loading

Our vacuum loading and unloading services provide a fast and safe process, ideal for both wet and dry materials, in a range of applications:

  • Removal of liquids and powders for disposal and recycling
  • Sewer, drain and pipe cleaning
  • Tank and chamber cleaning
  • Grease trap cleaning
  • Emergency spill situations
  • Planned maintenance at water treatment plants
  • Planned maintenance shut downs at many facilities
  • Sludge removal from water treatment plants
  • Sludge removal from dams
  • Sludge removal from industrial ponds
  • Underground sump cleaning
  • Loading and unloading of materials from inaccessible or confined spaces
  • And many other applications.

Our experienced vacuum handling operators have access to Australia’s leading fleet of vacuum handling vehicles and equipment, which are continuously being improved and upgraded with the latest technologies.

Our vacuum systems can move 10,000 litres of water during 2 minutes operation, and all vehicles contain freshwater wash down capabilities. This is a very cost effective solution.

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Gross Pollutant Traps

Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs) are an important part of our urban stormwater system. They are filter-like structures installed at various parts of the stormwater system. These structures prevent litter and other pollutants from urban runoff entering the ACT’s lakes and rivers.

There are different types of GPTs, but generally, they all help to improve the aesthetics and quality of our waterways by removing gross pollutants such as:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Packaging materials – such as polystyrene foam
  • Aluminium cans and foil
  • Plastics – such as plastic bags and cling wrap
  • Paper products – including cigarette butts
  • Larger organic matter – such as grass clippings and leaves
  • Sediment and debris

Using our specialised fleet of combination recycler vehicles and associated equipment, we clear out and maintain the GPTs across the ACT. Our powerful vacuum suction units enable us to remove all materials, including: all types of litter; silt and sediment; vegetative matter; as well as any wastewater from urban runoff.

Through the unit’s inbuilt high-pressure filtering system, we are able to reuse the captured water for washing down and cleaning the insides of the GPT and unblocking any blocked inflows. As such, our operating protocols are environmentally friendly.

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24 Hour Emergency Response

Flexible is available 24/7 to respond to emergency situations. These include: flooding; overflows; spills; pollutant containment; high-pressure water cleaning; and wash downs.


Flexible is the answer to all types of spills – from initial containment, to the clean up, collection, and final disposal of waste.

Through our team’s expertise and specialist equipment, Flexible can promptly respond to any size spill. Whether it is 5 litres of oil or 10,000 litres of fuel, Flexible is here to help.

Our qualified emergency response teams are trained to effectively respond to a wide range of spill materials, including: fuel and petroleum products; sewerage; oils; paints; and dry bulk products.

Flexible’s emergency spills response service has access to a large range of emergency response vehicles, plant, and equipment, including:

  • Vacuum loading tankers
  • Excavators
  • Backhoes
  • Tip trucks
  • Pumps
  • Containment and other emergency response apparat

Flexible routinely provide emergency response services for all regulatory authorities, including Environmental Protection Authorities (EPA) and Emergency Services.


All emergency response vehicles are equipped with spill kits to assist with the containment of waste or hazardous materials. Our experienced operators are trained in their use and safe deployment.

High Pressure Water Cleaning and Wash Downs

Flexible’s specialised street flushing equipment allows our operators to quickly and efficiently clean any soiled or muddy solid surface, such as a public road, footpaths, and public walkways, after a flooding event or burst water main.

If you need an urgent response, please call 1300 353 999.

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