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Flexible trucks
24-Hour Emergency Response

On call 24/7 to assist with emergency response for flooding, spills and clean-ups.

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Gross Pollutant Traps

Taking care of the unseen ‘filters’ of the stormwater system

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vacuum loading
Vacuum Loading

Using our vacuum loading or unloading services for liquids or dry materials is safe and fast

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Sewers and Drains

Preventative maintenance – the key to keeping your sewers and drains flowing smoothly

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civil work
Civil Works

Providing you with all aspects of civil work associated with Canberra’s sewer and stormwater infrastructure

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hydro work
Hydro Excavation

A safe non-destructive digging method for the excavation of sensitive sites and infrastructure

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Sewer & Drain Maintenance and Prevention

Keep your sewers and drains functioning efficiently and effectively, and prevent problems from occurring by ensuring they are actively maintained

Vacuum Loading

Our highly specialised vehicle fleet are capable of sucking up 10,000 litres of water in two minutes. The highly efficient vacuum and filtration equipment easily handles liquids or dry materials

24-Hour Emergency Response

Our emergency response teams are available 24/7 for the clearing of environmental spills, dry product spillage, removal of floodwater, and emergency wash downs

Supporting Canberra and the local region

Flexible Australia is a Canberra-based business operating from Oaks Estate in the ACT. We provide specialist infrastructure maintenance services to support the network of stormwater and sewer systems in the Canberra and Queanbeyan region.

We also provide agencies, businesses, the plumbing industry, consultants, and facilities mangers with specialised services, including:

  • CCTV surveying of drains, sewers, pipework, concealed sumps, and tanks
  • Vacuum eduction (uploading) of fluids or solids from access structures, industrial locations, or municipal infrastructure
  • High-pressure surface cleaning of pedestrian areas, spillage areas, or large yards or complexes
  • Hydro excavation of inaccessible or sensitive high-risk sites to prevent damage
  • Support to Emergency Services with 24/7 emergency response for spills, flooding, and clean ups.

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We recently had the pleasure of your employees cleaning stormwater drains outside our residence and I thought you should know that they were a credit to your company both for their efficiency and polite manners. They

- Ian & Anne Handberg